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  1. Huntsville arcade features only ‘Fort Battle’ game in the country - WAFF
  2. Street Fighter 5's new arcade port is officially titled 'Type Arcade', features diffe
  3. Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition takes aim at Resident Evil outfits next week - Shack
  4. Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Holiday costumes are coming next week - Shacknews
  5. Brian Tyree Henry Finds Wisdom at an Arcade - The New York Times
  6. Arcade Distillery Bringing Blockchain Technology To PlayStation - ETHNews
  7. Five costumes return to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle mode this wee
  8. Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade restaurant review on Symphony of the Seas - Royal Cari
  9. Revenue seize gaming machines from Donegal arcade - Donegal Now
  10. Rolex shop to open in Belfast arcade in £1m investment - Belfast Telegraph
  11. Construction on new MoBay arcade to start next year - Jamaica Observer
  12. Handmade Arcade features artists who create unique gifts - Tribune-Review
  13. Families with deployed service members get arcade style Thanksgiving - 10News
  14. Virtual reality arcade opens in Erie County - News - GoErie.com
  15. Arcade bar planning to open in South Bend in spring of 2019 - WSBT-TV
  16. Pixeled Brewing, FM's only "Arcade Bar" Opens Their Doors - KFGO News
  17. Old Shoe Market in Mobay to be Transformed into Modern Arcade - Government of Jamaica
  18. Peck's Arcade server opening Troy Vietnamese restaurant - Albany Times Union
  19. Dayton Arcade buildings in developer’s hands - Dayton Daily News
  20. Aunt Ethel's Adult Emporium plugs De Pere into adult arcade fun | Streetwise - Green
  21. Police looking for suspect, truck in armed robbery - Morganton News Herald
  22. Winter of Arcade is Soon Coming to Xbox One, More Details to Come at The Game Awards
  23. How Montreal teens created an arcade — and are helping to build a community - CBC New
  24. Festive day at Newport Arcade to launch Newport BID living advent calendar - South Wa
  25. What’s that building with the video rental sign? It’s Arcade Coffee Roasters in River
  26. Beat Saber arcade cabinet to debut at IAPPA this week - Shacknews
  27. ‘Budget Cuts’ is Getting More Levels with Launch of New Arcade Version - Road to VR
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  60. Capcom Has "Heard Community's Feedback" And Will Update Beat 'Em Up Bundle Next Month
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  110. Arcade Fire played Austin360 Amphitheater, covered Blondie and Prince (pics, setlist)
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  135. Stormdivers is a battle royale game from the makers of Resogun - Shacknews
  136. 26 best new Android games released this week including Hydropuzzle, Marching Order, a
  137. FUTURE SHOCK: It's a Scottish work of genius - but one borne of disgusting greed and
  138. Retail Roundup: Another chain going out of business - Lincoln Journal Star
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  140. $60 off new Apple iPad, 40% off Blink Surveillance Cameras with free Amazon Echo, 50"
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  142. iPhone - https://mumybear.org/erectify-ultra/ - Touch Arcade
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  144. Cas Bar owner 'Mama Jo' ran a million-dollar crime ring, police say - Detroit Metro T
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  148. Walmart has arcade cabinet games on pre-order for $300 (they're over $1,000 on Amazon
  149. Generation 8: The Rise of Games as a Service - TechRaptor
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  187. Mr. Gatti's Pizza opens in Tyler; offers wide selection of pizza, arcade games - CBS1
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