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01-08-17, 03:19
Hello everyone!

After a lot of hard work I now have over 140 Hi-res Pinball Files of original artwork, including all the ones I requested below a while back. If are like me and have a great collection of hi-res Pinball artwork feel free to get touch so we can trade new designs.

Old Message:
Here is a challenge for all of you out there who love pinball...

Help me find HI-RES quality scans (or high quality recreations) of the following 50 best ORIGINAL pinball artwork designs. They must be printable high quality artwork files. A zip file with all thumbnails can be viewed and downloaded from my Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bx0zKyQj0la8TnVEdXBhWFdKalU?usp=sharing


1) Star Trek TNG


2) Monster Bash


3) Twilight Zone


4) Big Bang Bar


5) Bride of Pinbot (modern and classic versions)
6) Austin Powers
7) Whirlwind
8) Truck Stop
9) Spiderman (original STERN design)
10) Harley Davidson
11) FunHouse
12) Tales from the Crypt
13) Twister
14) Hurricane
15) Road Show
16) Space Invaders
17) Party Zone
18) Star Wars
19) Star Wars Trilogy
20) Pirates of the Caribbean
21) Creature from the Black Lagoon
22) Diner
23) Dracula
24) Black Rose
25) Checkpoint
26) Corvette
27) Dr Who
28) NBA Fastbreak
29) Jokerz
30) Pinball Magic
31) Popeye
32) Roller Coaster Tycoon
33) Rolling Stones
34) Sopranos
35) South Park
36) The Simpsons
37) Star Trek 25th
38) Batman (Stern)
39) Tales of the Arabian Nights
40) The Addams Family
41) Attack from Mars
42) Atlantis
43) Guns n Roses
44) Elvira
45) Escape from the Lost World
46) Last Action Hero
47) Lord of the Rings
48) Junk Yard
49) No Good Gofers
50) Medieval Madness

If you have any of those please get in touch... willing to trade or pay