View Full Version : Artwork Update - 2nd Aug 2017

02-08-17, 19:07
Currently adding 7GB of artwork to the site.

This is spread across the Arcade and Computer and Console sections. Some new sections added to "Nintendo" for "Wii U" and "64DD" as well as NES advertisements and a lot more misc Nintendo files uploaded to the various areas.
Arcade wise I've replaced a bunch of crappy low res images with slightly less crappy ones :) , nothing earth shatteringly good this update I'm afraid as I haven't purchased or had donated anything worth scanning in the last month or two. I do have a bunch of Pinball art to go through for the next update, but that's a slow process with only two of us working on the scanning and then image restoration(some are quite rough looking at the moment).

Sections and files that are new or updated have a http://i.imgur.com/QNvQLmW.png next to them for 7 days.