Donkey Kong (MAME 0.150) (No Filters and HLSL, side by side)

Make sure to play in full screen 1080p to get the full effect. A quick comparison video showing what Donkey Kong looks like running on MAME 0.150. The video on the left is running with no filters at all, and the one on the right has custom HLSL settings applied. The video with no filters is sharp and looks crappy(it's too perfect). The video with the HLSL settings looks more like what the game looked liked on a real arcade monitor(I prefer this look).
RetromanIE Arcade 3 years ago 0 377

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I've since improved the HLSL config quite a bit. It now looks a little sharper which is better for LCD screens, even if it's not 100 percent arcade faithful.
 RetromanIE |  3 years ago