Raspicade test on Taito Egret 3 arcade machine

Quick test of Raspicade the Raspberry Pi arcade frontend on my Taito Egret 3 arcade machine. Still needs some tweaking and rom adding but its going well. Hopefully the developer integrates a newer/better version of MAME into it in the future. I did my own intro video as I didn't really like the built in one and used a Hyperspin backdrop. Not sure why the Pi is reporting a power issue(the coloured square in the top right corner), so it's something i need to check out. This was run on a Raspberry Pi B+ with a 2A PSU. This was hooked up to the arcade controls via j-pac(although I used a joypad for this video), hooked up to video with a HDMI to VGA adapter(the Egret has VGA in). .
RetromanIE Arcade 5 years ago 0 474

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